Hypothesis Atlantis !!!

The content of the texts

In the opinion of a.petit the scientific analysis of the original texts is not an outcome of his academical degree, but exclusively the result of simple logics and interdisciplinary thinking. He claims that structure, content and formulations are an expression for a real existance of the so called sunken Atlantis. More over Plato's narration (i.e. Solon's, who lived a long time before!) can not be a description of an ideal state (Politea), because the texts tell a story of a Kingdom, that is devided in ten parts and could be gouverned without any restrictions. Another point is the incredible number of details, positions and measurements, that fit not at all in a hymn of praise of an ideal state... so far a.petit.

In sharp contrast to former interpretations he comes to the following conclusions and tries to clean our brains from the mixture of numerous theories, that degenerated the theme Atlantis to a ridiculous fairytale;

- there is nowhere written that Atlantis was a continent! Only that the island was larger (Greek: meizon) in the sense of "more mighty" and "more important" than Libya and Asia together. Atlantis is always described as a mountain framed Island, with a size of 2.000x3.000 stages (approx. 370x550 km).

- it is completely unclear whether Atlantis was "beyond" the "columns of Herakles" (perhaps the road of Gibraltar; there were several places with this designation), because in the greek texts the expression "pro stoma" is used, what means "in front of / ahead" the columns of the Herakles.

- it is impossible that the city designated by the Greeks as "Gadereike" (the today's Cadiz) has something to do with Atlantis, because the name "Gadeiros" out of the original texts is explicitely an expression from the unknown language of the Atlantis-people... so it can not be greek!!!

- you will not find in the texts that Atlantis sunk in a salty ocean. It sunk in the "sea"... and this a word Plato uses for everything that is liquid. That means fresh water as well as rivers, rain etc. Even today we still call the cities that suffered a flood as "sunk", but their landmass hasīnt lowered, either.

- Atlantis has nothing to do with the "Atlantic", because this designation appears a long time later. This ocean got its name because of this special narration of Plato, as well as the mountains. The word Atlantis means "daughter of (the king) Atlas" and the king of Atlas can not be the mythologic god Atlas, because he was meanwhile busy with carrying the skies. By the way, the today's Atlas mountains just touch the Atlantic. 80% are located at Mediterranean sea!

Forgive the hard words, but it is absolutely shocking what you really find in the original texts... ... and more important; what is not written there!!!

This is just a limited choice of the most important points. And the author says that he was shocked, what is really written in the texts. This is the reason why he especially concentrated on the informations that are NOT given in Plato's manuscripts, because they are just an invention of our modern thinking and led to a totally wrong image of Atlantis.

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