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A short interview

a.petit is the pseudonym of an unconventional personality.

the anonymous author

Born at the end of of the sixties, he came back to Germany after spending several years in the french provence. Despite of an academical degree, he prefers to finance his interdisciplinary studies by working in the countryside. Numerous educational projects have been founded by the always anonymous staying author. The question why he occupies himself with some of the most peculiar themes, he always answers with a twinkle: "I'm a analytic cynic - I can't do other !"

A short interview

(26.01.2006 by Markus Rumler Fotodesign- and Report)

M.R.: What made you dig your teeth into the subject Atlantis?

a.p.: Pure coincidence. I read an article about Atlantis on the toilet, and was surprised that this - so called - fairytale had a real source. That it was Plato who is the author of this story, and the entire origin of the genuine manuscripts was scientifically proved, that I didn't know.
But I also wondered that Atlantis has supposedly been located at over 50 places around the world. Of course I expected that there would only be some fragments still existing of Platos genuine manuscripts. I couldn't explain this to me otherwise.
And because of an attack of boredom I searched for the texts and was - hmmm - nearly shocked that this was not the case.

M.R.: What was your reaction?

a.p.: One must admit that some of the information given in the texts sound pretty weird and strange. Thats why I wanted to know what the Atlantis-researchers made out of it. But what I got to read there was for a greater part an impudence, because most of them only used chunks from the texts to fit into the theory. With that type of percedure I could easily locate Atlantis in your fridge.

M.R.: And you didn't do it that way?

a.p.: No. At the beginning I just wanted to annoy the "scientists" a little and started to contradict their theories one after another. That wasn't difficult until I tried to disprove that a rectangular island with a size of 2.000x3.000 Stadions (ancient greek measurement= 555x370 kms) never existed. By the way, it is nowhere said that Atlantis was a continent ! Such things you can easily review in my book, because I print the complete texts, with my own conclusions, on the same page. Additionally to that, I invite the reader to find a single contradiction.

M.R.: What makes you so sure that you have found Atlantis?

a.p.: The probability. There are about 30 scientific requirements for a localization of Atlantis. You will find all of them in my book. But apart from that, I really don't mind whether this is Atlantis or the remains of the Garamantes. It's simply unbelievable anyway that I have found something archeological in a desert larger than europe. If it then fits to a description that has been written 2.400 years ago, it's then sensational !

M.R.: What are you doing- if Atlantis really is there- to assure your rights?

a.p.: I'm not worried about that. My copyright is sufficiently proved. Already on the 18.11.2004 I had the possibility to presentate the project in a tiny broadcasting company. Then a lecture in Nuremburg (Germany). The video is safely locked up. And until now, you won't find in the internet, nor anywhere else, someone who could have had this theory before.
Should we find unmistakable evidence, and this is possible without digging, then a.petit and his supporters will recieve an entry in the history books.

M.R.: Why do you want to stay anonymous?

a.p.: Like I said, I expect that this really is Atlantis because I still have other information that is not yet printed in the book.
Someone who solves such a mystery will automatically be a victim of the media. I'm not keen on that. And apart from this one today, there will be no further interviews. It is also possible that the expedition could destroy the whole Atlantis-industry. So I'd better put on the magic hood.

M.R.: What are you planning for the future?

a.p.: Haven't a clue. There have been too many surprises already with the Atlantis-project. But in any case, it will stay exciting....

M.R.: Many thanks for this refreshing conversation!