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Here you have got the possibility to examine the reliability of the theory by exploring the satellite-images yourselves.

You will be led to Google provided maps that are showing the symmetrical structures estimated by a.petit as the remains of the so called "sunk" Atlantis. They are located on the plateau of Cyrenaika, that has been an island in the time-window (about 10.000 B.C.) Plato told us in his texts. This area is in a distance of about 300 Miles of the Nile-delta.

If you please clicked the following link you will instantly reach the cut-out allready shown under "Where is Atlantis". For your orientation on the globe just click several times on the minus-button placed on the left side of the map-screen.

...to the satellite imagery...

Note: especially interesting is the proximity of this area. There you will find many more unusual structures, while the estimation as ruins is allready confirmed by the libyan agency !!!

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