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The expedition-reports

December 2006 there was an expedition to Atlantis. Atlantis? Yes, you've got Atlantis !

Atlantis is obviously not a myth at all, because you can find the incredible exact measurements of the Atlantis-texts prooved on this website by a real expedition!

Satellite-images with undoubtedly clear ruins led to the place where Atlantis must have been before the catastrophe. Exactly there were found more confirmations, as well as a possible artefact belonging to Atlantis.

Ruin Atlantis Ruin Atlantis
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Now the so called "Myth Of Atlantis" seems to be archeologically and theoretically proved. This is the reason why we beg you now to critically review the results of the expedition by the following link (yet only in german, but merely the picturs will do):

...directly to the expedition-reports...

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