Project Atlantis !!!

The story

Already four years ago a curious person was occupied with the so called legend of Atlantis. Accidently he read an article about this subject and wondered how it was possible that there were more than fifty locations spread all over the globe. For him the obvious reason was the bad condition of the genuine manuscripts, that could have only come down to us in fragmentary form.
But he experienced a big surprise. The Atlantis-texts were completely preserved and more over a part of Plato's most important mainwork. It was the collection of all the greek knowledge in the ancient times, wrote in the form of dialogues. But the most astonishing fact was what had happend to a clearly comprehensive text after 2.400 years of more or less serious research.

This was the reason why he began with some kind of amusement to disprove all the theories existing in order to refute the myth Atlantis itself. But he did not manage to do this after he tried to prove that an island in the strange shape, topologie and position described by Plato never can have existed. "Then the evil began" he likes to express himself with a smile...

After that, he studied Plato's genuine manuscripts once again and started an analysis until all the scientific requirements were filtered. For example must have been there volcanic activity or artesic sources when the texts spoke about a cold and a warm spring at the same place. Nevertheless the author of Emergency Atlantis claims to have used easiest logic for his findings that ended up with all 30 proves derivable out of Plato's manuscripts.

And by the way he could have he solved another mystery ;
By a comparison of the scripts of the Tuareg, who insist to be the legal successors of the Atlantis-people and an archeological finding, belonging to those whose behaviour was to 90 percent equal to Plato's description, he probably found the key for the decryption of the "Disc of Phaistos". This is a clay-disc, thats inscription could not be dechiffered, yet.

Out of his reconnaissances he formed a dense manuscript that is named "Emergency Atlantis" because of its explosive content. Since summer 2002 his findings are still not published. All the efforts to activate responsible institutions, offices or competences had no succes. Even when he found the final confirmation in form of satellite-images that show ruins at his special location he did not get any reaction. Three years later, in spring 2005 a friend of his contacted a little publishing company that should have printed the book already in August 2005. But an anonymus plaintiff avoided the publication until now.

Even the offer of a corean professor to found an own publishing-company especially for the book and to finance it with 1 Million US$ stayed without any result. The contact suddenly stopped after 2 months of negotiations because of unknown reasons.

What ever the author a.petit has found there- we are convinced that it is worth the effort.
And by the way we are already witnesses of the first internet-excavation ever !!!

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