Emergency Atlantis !!!

The book

The book Emergency Atlantis

Maybe this is the reason why it could not be published until now. Never before someone supplied an Atlantistheory that is reviewable at all. The author even claims to be able to check it out with a single glimpse while beeing at the ruins in Libya he estimates as the remains of Atlantis. We will see... but first of all something about the structure of his book.

In fact his book is just a manuscript of hundred pages in which a.petit summarizes his findings in compressed form. After a solid introduction about the origin, historical time-witnesses and other possible sources a textanalysis of the only texts begins, that refer surely to the subject Atlantis. Those texts, named "Timaios" and "Kritias" are written in the stylistic form of dialogues and are a part of the famous greek philosopher Plato's final work (427-347 B.C.) Plato's entire work may be described as an encyclopedia of the ancient times.

In comparison to previous books discussing Atlantis the reader will not only get shreds of the genuine platonic manuscripts, that fit the writer into his concept. In order to play with open cards "Emergency Atlantis" shows the complete texts as a synopsis with original text, analysis and consequences. Basic source is the oldest german translation (and therefore most uninfluenced by the Atlantis-hysteria) available. Written by Hieronymus Mueller in 1856.

The following proof of all scientific conditions deducted out of the texts that lead the reader exactly to the area you can see under the point "Where is Atlantis". No scientific discipline, whether geography, topology, meteorolgie, geology, ethnologie is excluded.

Life and customs of the most important antique cultures are described, as well as their probable prehistoric origin. Finally the richly illustrated manuscript ends up with an annexe consisting out of the sumerian gilgamesh-epos.

This book is not available. There are only 50 handmade copies existing.

But did you know why Atlantis is such an explosive subject?
Because a real existance would move the birthday of civilization for almost 6.000 years. The first advanced civilizations shall have developped about 4.000 B.C. But six milleniums before we are told that mankind still remained in stone-age.

The convincing smartness of "Emergency Atlantis" might painfully hit the image of the modern archeology...

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