If your company wants to become a part of a possible world sensation just think about what you can contribute to the expedition. You will get a permanent link on this site and therefore a very good placement of your products.

The expedition is meanwhile organised. But if you have any further suggestions, please contact


website creators

Many thanks to Petra Sütterlin and her philognosie-team who created this website. Without her help you would not have got the incredible news. This link leads you to the first german article ever published about "Emergency Atlantis" ever.

Big thanks to Dr. Med. Patrick Derra for his financial support!!!

Schobner Garden-Design must be mentioned for partial organisation and lots of enthusiasm!

Many thanks to the whole Family Boos, for film-equipment and super bean-soup!


And last but not least, thanks to the members of our Atlantis-Forum, who pushed a.petits own expedition by her friendly smartness to not to disappoint them!